Monday, August 24, 2009

“Man Mountain” Cam Smith from Fight Dem Back.

Cam Smith AKA Lady Fingers Who Magazine 2007

Cam Smith Secret Agent. Storm Front BBQ Victoria 2005. The first and last time FDB actually attempted to infiltrate a WN get together.

Cam Smith 2005 Tempe Sydney. Boy he likes that Leather Jacket.

Again old Cam the “Man Mountain” as described by “Mathew Henderson Hau” in 2005. More like a mountain of crap.

Cam Smith a lonesome figure. Boy what a sad life this fat bastard must have

Cam Smith and Tim Lambert Grog Blogging 2005. Oh the glory days Cam. This is the night that Mathew Henderson Hau gave him the name “Man Mountain”.

Good old Cam at Jim Salem’s place in 2005. Cam is the one with the yellow shirt. Yellow is the favorite color of FDB.

Notice how he has very round shoulders? This is because like @ndy and all the other FDB agents he has no backbone. No wonder the Feds have them working undercover. Imagine having that girly boy on the force.

So folks you can see enough to make a positive ID of this agent. So if you’re in Melbourne take care and see if you can spot him. Shouldn’t be too hard. Girly hands childbearing hips and a very smelly leather jacket.

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