Monday, August 24, 2009

“Cam Smith” and FDB Caught OUT! Interview about

Yes folks the media and Cam Smith from FDB are truly doing exactly what was predicted. In a radio interview this morning Cam Smith has colluded with the Media to distort the truth and play down the tragic shooting of Tyler Cassidy.

In a shameful interview Cam Smith in what sounds like a drug induced stupor attempts to blame everything and every one to cover FDB and the medias roll in this terrible and disgraceful shooting. Keep in mind people this was a 15 year old boy. At times it almost sounds like Cam is holding back the urge to laugh. It’s all a bit of a joke at FDB headquarters.

All the standard lines are used starting with RACE HATE GROUP to described the FACE BOOK group Southern Cross Soldiers. Including the media’s special description of any group who is resisting the Multicultural Madness as a WARPED VIEW. Obviously they haven’t read what the Founding member of FDB Mathew Henderson Hau has said in the past? Now that’s WARPED.

Smith’s description of FDB is a total joke. He has claimed that they have a core membership of 20/30 and a membership of 200. What an outright lie. He also claims the formation of the group was because of a couple of death threats they had received in 2005. Death Threats. Anyone who has read this blog and Victor Whitelaw know exactly who is responsible for Death Threats and Black Mail. It is FDB.

His claims of violence totally unfounded about the Southern Cross Soldiers pale in comparison to the actual violence that is going on daily towards the White Community.

It’s all about media spin. No mention that these young people have had to form a group to protect themselves from the Violence carried out on them on a daily basis by Non White Australians.

Even his description of alleged violent behavior from the SCS is taken from the actual behavior of Non White Gangs in every Australian City. Crazy stuff.

Claims of Firebombing and Murders in the 90’s from White Race Hate groups are just another example of trying to make a silk purse from a pig’s ear. Yes Cam you and your group are the haters and the tumor that needs to be removed from the Australian Society.

His claim of shinning a light on RACE HATE GROUPS to scare them off is bloody outrages. In fact every group they have attacked has grown. The only group that hasn’t grown is FDB. In fact since it was discovered that this group is just another front for the Globalists the numbers have dwindled to next to nothing. The forum is a bloody ghost town.

The revelation that FDB (well no revelation here) that they contact employers of these Racist individuals to have them SACKED sure as hell is a sad example of what these people do. It must be noted that Cam Smith himself used false information to attempt to have a man charged and sacked from his job last year. It’s a wonder he wasn’t charged. But seeing as he works with the Authorities no surprise.

My god his claims of infiltrating WN groups and meetings “In the Past” is a total BS. Well hiding in parks and taking happy snaps of SF members having a BBQ and entrapping people on MSN is hardly infiltrating. Geez we have gone to Anti Fa meetings. Why the media will not report what we have seen like Drug Abuse and dealing drugs to minors is beyond me. Yep we actually go.

His claims that the SCS are being influenced by men I guess he means people like us in their 40/50 is another total lie. In fact no one from any WN group has ever contacted these young people. EVER! Hell and he claims to have better intell than ASIO. Come on the intell the Feds use is from FDB. That’s the problem. It’s so far off the mark it’s a joke.

The claim that ASIO has left the monitoring of RACE HATE groups to FDB is another admission of how close they work with the state. It makes you wonder don’t it folks. One look at @ndy’s site of late and the desperate methods being employed over there to cover this fact is laughable. Cam Smith admits a direct LINK to ASIO without hesitation. Just like a direct link to high-ranking Jews and Police officers in NSW has been mentioned many times in the past by Brian Stokes.

So what does Cam say about what signs parents should look out for? Get ready folks here we go. A shaved head jeans and boots with RED Laces. What amazing intell. Oh and as a parent they should be looking at what the young kids are looking at on the net. Note the Emphasis on how he raises his voice with “Steve” on that. Wonder if Steve has ever read FDB?

Oh and lets not forget that if your kid comes home with the Eureka Flag an Iconic flag they better start to worry. I’m feeling sick just writing this.

These people are bottom-feeding scum. And state sponsored agitators for the Zionists.

Interview listen HERE

Special NOTE. Tune into Sydney 2ue Tonight 15.12.08 at 9.40 Sydney time for a special interview with Cam Smith and Jim Salem from Australia First. This will be good.

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